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RUSH immunotherapy.

RUSH immunotherapy, or RUSH I.T. as it is also known, is a technique that accelerates the administration of allergen injections, shortening the time frame required to obtain relief from allergies.

Conventional immunotherapy consists of weekly or twice weekly allergen injections, administered over a period of six to eight months in increasing doses that gradually desensitize a person. During RUSH I.T., in a carefully monitored clinic environment with a three-day regimen of premedication, the patient receives six to eight months of dosage in one day and is able to move to maintenance dosage, which actually imparts the beneficial immune effect.

A history of success.

Since 1996, The Allergy Clinic and Houston Allergy and Asthma Clinic, have administered RUSH I.T. safely to more than 2,000 patients. While the procedure is associated with incidences of systemic reactions, most reactions are mild and easily treated.

A day of RUSH I.T.

Before RUSH I.T. is administered, a patient will undergo allergy skin tests to determine allergic triggers. Only after the allergist has determined allergic triggers and evaluated his/her overall health is RUSH I.T. recommended.

For three days prior to a RUSH I.T. treatment, the patient follows a prescribed regimen of medications, including corticosteroids and antihistamines, which reduce the incidence of serious reactions.

On the day RUSH I.T. is administered, the patient arrives in the morning, and throughout the day, under close supervision by a physician, technicians and nurses, receives increasing doses of allergen injections over the course of six to eight hours. When the series of injections is completed, the patient is allowed to return home after one or two hours of in-the-clinic observation.

Over the next six to eight weeks, the frequency of the allergen injections is tapered off until the patient needs an allergen injection about once every three or four weeks.

The advantages of RUSH I.T.

For many individuals, RUSH I.T. is an excellent alternative to the longer, conventional method of administering allergy therapy because it:

  • Offers quicker relief;

  • Eliminates the need for weekly or twice-weekly allergy shots;

  • Reduces office visits and insurance co-pays;

  • Requires fewer shots;

  • Allows patients to reach maintenance dosage months sooner than conventional immunotherapy;

  • Accommodates schedules, especially for individuals who travel frequently;

  • Hastens desensitization for patients who wish to avoid allergy medications during pregnancy; and

  • Permits individuals who live distances from an allergy clinic to receive allergy shots on a less frequent basis, therefore significantly reducing the number of visits and commuting time.

Leading treatment facility.

When it comes to innovation in allergy treatment, the highest level of patient care and a top-notch staff of board-certified allergists and professional nurses, The Allergy Clinic is one of the leading facilities in the United States. At The Allergy Clinic, patients are assured of a complete allergy evaluation by nationally recognized experts who listen and prescribe the most effective method of relief.

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