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If you have allergies that are affecting your quality of life, you may benefit from advanced allergy shots offered at The Allergy Clinic. Your allergy shot treatment plan is customized for you after a thorough allergy evaluation. Learn more about allergy shots by scheduling an evaluation at the Houston, Pasadena, or Pearland, Texas, clinic. Book your visit through the online scheduler, or call any of the clinic locations.

Allergy Shots Q & A

Why do I need allergy shots?

Daily or seasonal struggles with watery eyes, rashes, congestion, or other allergy issues aren’t anything you have to learn to live with. Nor do you have to take a pill every day to resolve allergy issues.

Allergy shots are designed to gradually build up your immune system and help your system learn to tolerate a specific type — or types — of allergen. You may benefit from allergy shots if:

  • Allergy medications haven’t worked for you
  • You’re highly allergic to insect stings
  • You don’t want to take allergy medication regularly
  • Your allergy medications interact with other drugs you take


Getting allergy shots is also ideal if you struggle with indoor allergens such as dust mites, mold, cockroaches, or pet dander since it’s nearly impossible to completely eliminate these allergens from indoor environments.


How do allergy shots work?

Allergy shots require you to get a series of injections regularly for an extended period of time. With each injection, your system gets exposed to the allergen — or allergens — which teaches your body’s immune system how to tolerate these harmless substances.  

You gradually build up a tolerance to the known allergen. Eventually, you may stop having allergic reactions altogether, or when you do have reactions, they’re less frequent and not nearly as severe as when you began the treatment.


What is the process of getting allergy shots?

The team at The Allergy Clinic tailors your allergy shots to your specific needs. Allergy shot treatments involve two phases: buildup phase and maintenance phase.

Build-up phase

The build-up phase involves getting allergy shots up to three times per week for 3-6 months. With each shot, your allergen dosage is gradually increased until you reach the maintenance phase.  We also offer two accelerated build-up options: RUSH and cluster.

Maintenance phase

During the maintenance phase, you typically need allergy shots about once a month for up to 3-5 years. This helps ensure your immune system continues developing its tolerance to the targeted allergens.

Most men and women who successfully complete their allergy shot treatment plan at The Allergy Clinic don’t need further allergy treatment.

Find out if allergy shots are right for you by scheduling a consultation at The Allergy Clinic. Book either online or over the phone.