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Allergy patch testing is one of the most advanced ways to thoroughly diagnose dozens of contact allergies. Allergy patch testing is looking for a delayed reaction but results are available as quickly at 48 hours. Schedule your evaluation at one of their locations in Houston, Pasadena, or Pearland, Texas, online or over the phone today.

Allergy Patch Testing Q & A

Why should I have allergy patch testing?

Allergy testing isn’t a simple one-and-done test. Because you can have environmental, food, drug, and insect allergies — to name a few — it’s important to get tested for an array of allergens to pinpoint exactly what you’re allergic to and see how severe your reactions may become.

Allergy patch testing is performed if you are suspected to have contact dermatitis, meaning you have reactions simply by coming into contact with it. You should consider allergy patch testing if you experience:

  • Itchy skin
  • Redness or rashes
  • Unexplained skin irritation
  • eczema


These are just some of the early warning signs that you might have at least one type of allergy, although many allergy sufferers can be allergic to a number of substances.


What happens during allergy patch testing?

During allergy patch testing, patches are applied to your skin, usually on your back. Your allergist can test for multiple allergens at once.

For the following 48 hours, you won’t be able to get the area wet or participate in activities that lead to heavy sweating. Your allergist will need to see you about 48 hours later to remove the patches and get preliminary results of your test.  A second reading is done usually 48 hours later. This reading is essential to reduce false-positive and false-negative results.

If you’re allergic to one or more substances, you will develop a red area with small raised bumps or blisters in each location an allergen was placed. These positive reactions help your allergist confirm an allergy.


Which allergens can be tested during a patch test?

Allergy patch tests are performed with a commercially available test that evaluates 80 common contact allergens and further tailored to the allergy sufferer by custom-made patches. Your allergist at The Allergy Clinic will carefully evaluate your symptoms to better customize your allergy patch test. Some of the most common allergens included on the test are:

  • Metals
  • Fragrances
  • Preservatives
  • Medications
  • Latex


Let your allergist know when your symptoms seem to be the worst. For instance, if you seem to always have a flare-up after leaving the salon, you might need to be tested to see if you have an allergy to hair dye. The team offers a wide variety of solutions, so you can get relief no matter which allergy you have.

To get an allergy patch test, book an appointment with The Allergy Clinic online or call one of their convenient locations today.