Drops or Shots


Although not FDA approved, allergy drops are safe, effective, and legal.

75 percent of people who have come to us asking about allergy drops have decided to take allergy shots. Why? Two big reasons: first, allergy drops are not covered by your medical insurance. Second, we're in our 19th year of performing RUSH immunotherapy, where we give someone the first six months of their allergy shots in one day. One day! That means you quickly go to getting maintenance allergy shots once a month, not  once a week allergy shots. And the best part of all: once you're on once-a-month shots, you take them for three to five years, and then you're done! The best part about high dosed allergy shots is that they continue to provide their immunologic benefit for years after you stop taking them.

Still, allergy drops are also effective and are a great option for frequent travelers or for patients who really don't like getting stuck with a needle.

´╗┐Note: Information contained in this article should not be considered a substitute for consultation with a board-certified allergist to address individual medical needs.

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